Rachel & Spencer Holm

Thanksgiving break was not only filled with yummy turkey and warm mashed potatoes and gravy but i was able to be there for one of my best friend's wedding. Spencer & Rachel were married in the Salt Lake City, Utah temple and ask little ol' me to shoot there wedding. Can i just say Rachel is not only the most naturally gorgeous brides ever, but has the raddest style?! These two are the most perfect puzzle piece couple and if you don't believe me... look at the pictures for your self! A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!

Picture 4Picture 9Picture 1Picture 10

Picture 19Picture 27

Picture 46Picture 33

Picture 59Picture 57

Picture 37Picture 40

Picture 80Picture 66

Picture 71Picture 73

(I decided that since Rachel wanted some of the photos to look vintage, i'd try my best to make some of them get that vintage feel)
Picture 93
Picture 96Picture 95

Picture 102Picture 105

Picture 101

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Picture 123Picture 120

Picture 122Picture 127