Looking Through The Eyes of an Artist

Here it is.... After searching, talking to different people, finding subjects and models, getting natural lighting right, camera angels right, photographing, and reshooting. After uploading and and changing my mind and reshooting again, editing, printing, cutting matte, framing, hanging and FINALLY it is. My Bachelor of Fine Arts Exhibit show

Looking Through The Eyes of an Artist

When I was younger, I dismissed the things that didn’t interest me
 or inwhich I could not relate. 
 As I explored my own artistic talents, 
I learned from a wise professor to never pass over a piece of art, 
because the artist had a spark of inspiration that prompted its creation. 
Perhaps it can’t be seen at first glance, 
but that doesn’t mean it isn’t there or can’t be found. 
 If we will just stop and look deeply, 
the story of the art will reveal itself when we’re ready to learn something new. 
 Ideas will flow, and motivation to create something will be stimulated.
As a photographer, I have learned to observe all art forms with a more open mind. 
Once drawn to something of interest, I begin to see the small details: 
the intricate brush strokes of a painter, the spectacular form a dancer portrays,
or the presentation of a meal at a favorite restaurant.  I admire, ponder, and try to understand its message or meaning.  
I wonder how it was made, who the artist is,  and where the idea came from.
We all have talents and artistic ability waiting to be discovered, perfected, and expressed. Likewise, we are impacted by the art of others whose expression has left an imprint upon us. 
As I photographed a variety of artists, I hoped to capture the inspiration and motivation for their work as seen through their eyes, while creating art of my own, something beautiful to share with others reflected not by the mechanical lens of a camera but as seen and felt by the emotional lenses of my own perspective.

 B r a n d y   C a t t o o r : P a i n t e r 
Picture 34

S a l l y   E l l i s :   W a t e r   C o l o r i s t

Picture 29

L e x   S h i r l e y :   M i n i a t u r e   h o u s e   
Picture 35

K h a n d S u k h e e :  P i a n i s t

Picture 33

K e v i n   W e b s t e r :   F l y   M a k e r

Picture 37

M o r g a n   H a n s s e n :   V i o l i n i s t

Picture 30

M a d i s o n   W a l k e r :   S i n g e r

Picture 31

J i m   S h i r l e y :  W e l d e r

Picture 40

T e s s a B e n n e t t :   S c u l p t o r

Picture 32

A l i s s a   A r m s t r o n g :   D a n c e r
Picture 38

R a n d i A r e l l a n o : C u l i n a r y A r t i s t

Picture 39

J u s t i n R e y e s : D r a w i n g

Picture 36